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A Steady Journey! Welcome to Efre Ousel.[]

Welcome to the Efre Ousel wiki. We’re a collaborative community focused on the further development of this fantasy setting. Anyone, including you, can edit. Click the edit button at the top of any page to get started!

EF-ray OO-zhul[]

Efre Ousel, pronounced EF-ray OO-zhul, is a fantasy setting. Efre Ousel (translated from Volir, meaning "Four Birds") is an ideal place for low magic medieval campaigns, filled with drama and intrigue, a wide-open world for players to explore. In February 2019, David Hopkins created Efre Ousel to be an "open source" 5e compatible TTRPG setting, where other writers, game designers, and GMs can use it, adjust it, or contribute to its ongoing development. For more information, visit Efre Ousel Gaming License.

To get started: Players and GMs are encouraged to download and read the Efre Ousel Primer (a 24-page pdf with a full color map), which consists of the beta/playtest content and a link to the Efre Ousel Discord Community, where contributors can submit content and discuss ideas. 

Latest activity[]

A menhir, or standing stone, in northern Raustfweg. Menhir are placed near locations of special significance to honor the unnamed gods. (“Winter am Sognefjord” by Johan Christian Cahl, Oil on Canvas, 1827, Fair Use CC0 Public Domain)